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Some of the photos and captions that appeared on the Home Page of Paradoxplace between early 2007 and the end of 2008 (the dates refer to when the photo was on the home page, not when the photo was taken).


Food photos from the home page can be found in "Simply the Best Meals"




Places included in the links below (sometimes more than once):


Italy:  Bitonto Cathedral, Trani Cathedral, Duomo Vecchio Molfetta, Urbino Palazzo Ducale, Pentecoste in Venice, Chiaravalle della Colomba Corpus Domini Infiorata, Tartufo Bianco in Alba and Tuscany, Sant'Antimo Tuscany, Ognissanti at La Foce, Florence Duomo, Rome Pantheon, Rome Santa Pudenziana, Rome Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome Vatican, San Gimignano, Agrigento (Sicily), SS Trinita (Florence),


France:  Autun Cathedral Zodiac Roundels, Cistercian Abbey of Noirlac, Zodiac Window in Chartres Cathedral, Gislebertus in Autun,  Avallon, Midsummer and a floating angel at Vézelay,  Louvre and Cluny Museums (Paris), Entraygues-sur-Truyère, Perse (Espalion), St-Pierre Bessuéjouls, Conques and Ste-Foy, Aulnay, Royal Portal of Chartres Cathedral, Vézelay Zodiac signs,


Spain:  Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas in Burgos, Cistercian Abbey of Rueda in Aragon, San Miguel de la Escalada, Santiago de Compostela, Basilique de San Isidoro (Leon),  Santo Domingo de Silos,


PortugalSalema, Alcobaça


Britain:  Worcester Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral, Peterborough Cathedral, Saint George's Day, Wells Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, Geddington Eleanor Cross, Runnymede, Bewcastle Cross (Cumbria), Durham Cathedral, Dryburgh Abbey (Scotland),


Australia:  Anzac Day (25 April),


Portraits:  Perugino's Madonna della Consolazione, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, Lorenzo il Magnifico (de'Medici), Shah Jahan, Lucrezia Borgia





Capricorn - Parisian Abbey Church of Ste-Geneviève (now gone) - Cluny Museum (Paris)


December 2008  - January 2009





Ognissanti flowers at La Foce cemetery, Tuscany


November 2008





Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia discovered in Australia - November 2008


November - December 2008





The three faces of the New Year - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow -  alongside Aquarius (Chartres Cathedral)


New Year 2009





Sagittarius at Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay


November - December 2008





The shepherds are given the news of Christmas (Chartres Cathedral)


December 2008


Links to Medieval & Renaissance Nativity Scenes - a new page for Christmas





Domenico Ghirlandaio Nativity in the Capella Sassetti of SS Trinita, Florence


December 2008





Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery (Nr Burgos)


December 2008





A head job at St-Pierre, Aulnay (W France)


December 2008





Dryburgh Abbey (Scotland)


November 2008





Somerton (Somerset)


November 2008





Concordia Temple, Agrigento, Sicily


October 2008





Basilique de San Isidoro, Leon


November 2008





Tartufo Bianco Time


October / November 2008





San Gimignano (Tuscany)


October 2008





Durham Cathedral (England)


September 2008





Royal Cistercian Monastery of Alcobaça, Portugal


September 2008





Shah Jahan, Mughal Emperor and builder of the Taj Mahal







Santiago de Compostela


September / October 2008






Conques and Ste-Foy (Santa Fe)


September / October 2008



Peterborough Cathedral



Peterborough Cathedral


August 2008





Volpaia (Chianti)


August 2008





Scything Hay and Leo - Chartres Cathedral Zodiac Window


August 2008



Salema, Portugal



Salema, Portugal


August 2008



Entraygues sur Truyere





August 2008





The Basilique St-Julien, Brioude, the biggest and internally most beautiful of the many Romanesque churches of the Auvergne.


July 2008





San Miguel de la Escalada - rare Mozarabic church survivor near Leon (Castile)


July 2008



Pope Benedict XVI



Pope Benedict XVI waves to Paradox (and others) on his first balcony appearance in Rome - May Day 2005


In July 2008 the Pope was in Sydney for the "World (Roman Catholic) Youth Day"




Link to Paradoxplace Churches of Rome pages





The Bewcastle Cross, Cumbria


July 2008





Cistercian Abbey of Rueda, Aragon


July 2008





Limoge reliquary châsse for Archbishop Thomas Becket in the Louvre, Paris


June 2008










Becket window image in Canterbury Cathedral


June 2008





If the sun is shining over north Burgundy at mid-day on SATURDAY JUNE 21 2008 (the day of the Summer Solstice) the pools of light falling on the floor of the Basilique Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay will lead down the centre of the nave to the crypt and relics of Ste-Madeleine.


June 2008





Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede - Magne Carta was signed somewhere around here on 15 June 1215


June 2008





The Fall of Jericho - year 430 mosaic in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome


May 2008





Basilique Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay (Burgundy) - an angel floats off the door jam capital of the south west portal of the church


April 2008





The oldest early Christian mosaic in Rome in the Basilica of Santa Pudenziana


April 2008





The Pantheon, Rome






The Gemini Twins, May 22 - June 21

Eglise St-Lazare, Avallon, Burgundy


May 2008










Taurus the Bull, April 21 - May 21

Eglise St-Lazare, Avallon, Burgundy


April 2008





April 23 is Saint George's Day

Paolo Uccello liked painting him




 Spring Equinox (Autumn Equinox Down Under) - Aries - The Ram (Le Bélier) - March 21– April 20

Autun Cathedral, Burgundy


March 20 2008






The pilgrims' chapel in the tower of the little pilgrimage church of St-Pierre, Bessuéjouls (near Espalion, River Lot)


March 2008





Lorenzo il Magnifico (de'Medici)





Suleiman the Magnificent





Perugino's Madonna della Consolazione





Eleanor Cross, Geddington





Evening light on the Florence Duomo





February Foot Warming - Chartres Cathedral Zodiac Window


February 2008





The Magi in Autun Cathedral


December 2007 / January 2008





December Dinner - Chartres Cathedral Zodiac Window


December 2007 / January 2008





Sagittarius - Chartres Cathedral Zodiac Window


November / December 2007





L'Abbazia di Sant'Antimo (Tuscany)


November 2007





October & November - white truffle time in Piemonte and Tuscany


October / November 2007





Flowers for Ognissanti (November 1) by the graves of the Origo family in the beautiful little cemetery at La Foce


October / November 2007





The Cistercian Abbey of Noirlac in Central France


October 2007





Cistercian Royal Abbey & Nunnery of Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas, Burgos


September 2007





Canterbury Cathedral, England


August 2007






Wells Cathedral, England


July 2007





Il Duomo (Vecchio) di San Corrado, Molfetta (Puglia)


June 2007




Summer Solstice (June 21)

Autun - Cathédrale St-Lazare

Roundels illustrating the seasons and their labours



The Gemini twins

(Les Gémeaux)

May 22 - June 21

Autun - Cathédrale St-Lazare



Corpus Domini at l'Abbazia di Chiaravalle della Colomba

near Piacenza 




in Venice



Trani (Puglia) - Cattedrale di San Nicola il Pellegrino



Urbino - Palazzo Ducale




Bitonto (Puglia) - May's Magnificent Cathedral


May 2007



"April 25 is Anzac Day in Australia"


A national holiday when more and more people have been taking part in memorial marches and ceremonies.  These are maternal Grandfather Paradox's WWI medals, including the "Old Contemptibles" medal (second from left, awarded to the soldiers who went to France between 5 August and 22 November 1914 with the bar signifying service under enemy fire) and the Croix de Guerre (right).  The oak leaf on the next door Victory Medal indicates a "Mention in Despatches" for gallantry in WWI.  Our man, an army doctor, spent the entire war in and around the trenches in France.


April 2007, November 2008





"April 23 is Saint George's Day"


The Saint George Ensign flying over the minster church of Saint Gregory the Great at Morville (Shropshire)


April 2007





Lincoln - April's Magnificent Cathedral 


April 2007





Worcester - March's Magnificent Cathedral


March 2007



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