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Some of the photos and captions that have appeared on the Home Page of Paradoxplace since early 2009

(the dates refer to when the photo was on the home page, not when the photo was taken). 


Link to photos which appeared on the Paradoxplace Home Page in 2007 and 2008 and in 2011 and 2012 .


Food photos from the home page can be found in "Simply the Best Meals"



Places included in the links below (not kept up to date!):


Italy:  San Marco (Florence); Sant'Apollinare Nuovo (Ravenna); San Galgano (Tuscany); The Ponte Vecchio (Florence); Sansepolcro and the Piero Trail;


France:  Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay (Burgundy); Chartres Cathedral; Cluny Museum (Paris); St-Lazare, Autun (Burgundy) St-Lazare, Avallon (Burgundy); St-Gatien, Tours Ste-Foy, Conques


Spain:  Convent of Rabida, AndaluciaSantes Creus (Cistercian)




Britain:  St Laurence, Ludlow; Canterbury CathedralBarfreston (Kent); Christchurch Priory, Dorset Worcester Cathedral







Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)


Le Sagitaire (The Archer)


Cluny Museum, Paris


December 2010




Cistercian Reial Monastir de Santa Maria de Poblet, Catalonia


December 2010




Truffles and Wine 2010 - Barbaresco, Piemonte


October - November 2010




Early Medieval Movember


 Patrixbourne, Kent


Otranto, Puglia



November 2010





San Giovanni d'Asso Truffle Festival 13/14 & 20/21 November 2010







WWI, J.C.Sproule, 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 131 Field Ambulance and the 38th (Welsh) Division


November 11th 2010





Charlemagne (Louvre)


and Great Equestrian Statues and Paintings of the Italian Renaissance


November 2010





The Beverley (St Mary) Pilgrim Hare


November 2010



La Foce Cemetery, Tuscany



Flowers for Ognissanti (November 1) in the beautiful little cemetery at La Foce (South of Siena)


 November 2010





Scorpio and October wine pouring  Chartres Cathedral


October 2010





Chianti Classico country - Badia a Passignano







Wednesday 6 October is Ste Foy's Day



Saint Francis of Assisi, Subiaco

Photo © Holly Hayes - Sacred Destinations


Contemporary portrait in Subiaco of the greatest saint ever


Monday 4 October 2010 is

St Francis' Day


Vittorino, Gubbio


The little painted Franciscan Church of Vittorino in Gubbio, Umbria

where St Francis talked sense into a recalcitrant people-eating wolf





Treading Grapes in September - Chartres Cathedral Zodiac window.


September 2010





Worcester Cathedral


September 2010






Spring Equinox (Sydney) - 1.09 pm Thursday 23 September 2010


Jasmine and Lovey-Doveys





Toller Fratrum (Knights Hospitaller Chapel), Dorset


September 2010





St-Lazare, Avallon (Burgundy)


Winter Solstice





Scything Hay and Leo (July 23 – August 23) - Chartres Cathedral Zodiac Window


August 2010





Le Cancer (The Crab) (June 22– July 22)

Roundel in Canterbury Cathedral



July 2010





Cistercian Abbazia di Chiaravalle della Colomba (near Fidenza in Emilia-Romagna)

Corpus Domini Infiorata


June 2010





The Gemini Twins, now in the Cluny Museum (Paris)

Les Gémeaux - May 22 to June 21


June 2010





Magna Carta was signed in Runnymead

795 years' ago on


15 June 1215





The Paschal Candelabrum in the Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria


May 2010





St James the Greater, Abson


May 2010






An Italian "Anzac Day" - the Bersagliere on parade


May 2010





Pentecoste in Castello, Venice


Pentecoste Sunday - 23 May 2010





Amerigo Vespucci

(Ognissanti, Florence)


May 2010





Eleanor Cross, Geddington


May 2010





Cistercian Abbey of Rueda (Our Lady of the Water Wheel), Aragon


May 2010





Last Suppers in the Renaissance Refectories of Florence


Easter - April 2010



May Day 2010




May Day in Salamanca (Spain)                    May Day in San Pietro in Vaticano (Rome)



Lt Col J C Sproule, 131 Field Ambulance, 38th (Welsh) Division  Tuscan Poppies



Anzac Day - 25 April 2010


Adrian Fletcher's Grandfather, Jimmy Sproule, commanded 131 Field Ambulance which served the 38th (Welsh) Division in WW I.  In 1918 they were fighting in and NE of Amiens, and just north of the town of  Villers-Bretonneux which now has a memorial cemetery for the Australian troops who fought a major battle there (and elsewhere) with heavy casualties.





St George's Day         Saint George, Brinsop


April 23 2010





Detail - Passion Window in Chartres Cathedral


Easter - April 2010





Aries - March 21– April 20

Le Bélier (The Ram) - Roundel in Canterbury Cathedral


April 2010





Santa Prassede (Rome)


April 2010





Tympanum Queen - Barfreston (Kent)


March 2010





Font - St Mary Magdalene, Eardisley (Herefordshire Romanesque School)


More Paradoxplace Baptismal Fonts


March 2010





Pisces - February 19 – March 20

Notre Dame de Paris.


February 2010


Links to Paradoxplace pages about medieval illustrations of Labours of the Month, Zodiac Signs, Cardinal Virtues and Sins in Western European churches.





Romsey Abbey (Hampshire)


March 2010





Foot warming in February - Chartres Cathedral Zodiac window


February 2010


Links to Paradoxplace pages about medieval illustrations of Labours of the Month, Zodiac Signs, Cardinal Virtues and Sins in Western European churches.



Donatello de'Bardi



Donatello de' Bardi (Louvre, Paris)


January 2010





St Mary Magdalene, Eardisley (Herefordshire)


January 2010


More Paradoxplace Baptismal Fonts





St George, Anstey (Hertfordshire)


December 2009





The Magi in Autun, Burgundy


January 2010





Cathédrale Ste-Foy, Conques


December 2009




Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21) Chartres Cathedral Zodiac Window


December 2009





Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris


December 2009




Cistercian Reial Monastir de Santes Creus, Catalonia (Spain)


December 2009





Oct / Nov is Tartufo Bianco Time


November 2009





Worcester Cathedral


November 2009





Remembrance Day

11 November 2009

Dr Jimmy Fletcher      Brig J C Sproule

Grandfathers Paradox


November 2009





The Empress Theodora in Ravenna


October 2009





St Nicholas, Barfreston Corbel in Bellatrovata


October 2009




Libra "Le Balance", September 23 – October 23 - Chartres Cathedral


October 2009




Chartres Cathedral


October 2009





Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome


September  2009



Reima Cathedral



Reims Cathedral, Champagne


June 2009






August  2009





"The Plumber"


Christchurch Priory, Dorset


June 2009





Leo (July 23 - August 23) in a floor roundel in Canterbury Cathedral


August  2009





St-Lazare, Avallon (Burgundy)


Summer Solstice (21 June) in the north is Winter Solstice down in Sydney, where it's presently damn cold.


June 2009





La Foce - one of our new photos from South of Siena


June 2009






Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration


July 2009





Summer Solstice (up North) - Sunday 21 June 2009




Above - St-Lazare, Autun (Burgundy)




Below - Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay (Burgundy)






The Gemini Twins (May 22 - June 21) -  in the Cluny Museum, Paris


June 2009













The Gemini Twins (May 22 - June 21) - Cathédrale St-Lazare, Autun, Burgundy and the Cluny Museum, Paris


June 2009



Magi King, Tours Cathedral



Medieval Stained Glass in the Cathedral St-Gatien, Tours


June 2009





Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede - Magna Carta was signed somewhere around here on 15 June 1215


June 2009





Cosimo I de'Medici - Grand Duke of Tuscany, by Cellini (Bargello)


June 2009





Corpus Domini (11 / 14 June 2009) at the Cistercian Abbazia di Chiaravalle della Colomba near Piacenza 


Pentecoste (31 May 2009) in Venice


May 2009



Piero della Francesca - Resurrection - Sansepolcro



The Piero della Francesca Trail and his famous painting of the Resurrection in Sansepolcro - dubbed by Aldous Huxley "The Best Picture in the World"


May 2009





Taurus the Bull (April 21 to May 21) - l'Eglise St-Lazare, Avallon (Burgundy)


May 2009





May 1 is May Day - a public holiday in much of Europe and time to give the

Hammer and Sickle (remember that?) a burl.


May 1 2009





Ludlow Castle



Sat April 25 is Anzac Day in Australia.  This is a photo of my late father (Michael Fletcher) in Egypt in 1941, when he was a Captain in the British 8th Army.



His birthday was on April 23 - Saint George's Day.  On the left, the Saint George Ensign flies over Ludlow Castle (South Shropshire).


April 25 2009


Cosimo de'Medici, il Vecchio


Fra Angelico, Annunciation


Montecassino & WW II in Italy




Cosimo il Vecchio (de'Medici)












Fra Angelico Annunciations: San Giovanni Val d'Arno, Cortona, Madrid, & San Marco, Florence










WW II in Italy



April 2009



Cistercian Nunnery of Santa Maria del Salvador, on the Spanish Camino at Canas (La Rioja), which contains the famous tomb of Abbess la Beata Urraca Lopez de Haro.


Cistercian Abbey of Santa Maria del Salvador, Canas, la Rioja

Last Supper and Tomb of  Abbess La Beata Urraca Lopez de Haro - Cistercian Nunnery of Santa Maria del Salvador, Canas (La Rioja), Spanish Camino


Last Suppers in the Renaissance Refectories of Florence


Masaccio - "Trinita"

Seminal Renaissance Fresco in Santa Maria Novella, Florence





The Passion Window from Chartres Cathedral





Niña , Pinta , and Santa María - Columbus' little boats at Rabida, Andalucia


April 2009





The Ponte Vecchio (Florence) on a November evening


April 2009





L'Abbazia di San Galgano (Tuscany)


March 2009





Aquarius the Water Carrier - Cathédrale St-Lazare, Autun, Burgundy


January 2009





The Lord of Misrule - St Laurence, Ludlow


January 2009






Images for Australia Day


26 January 2009



The Magi in Perse, Nr Espalion


The Magi in Autun, Burgundy


Balthazar - Basilica di Sant Apollinare,



Fra Angelico captures the Magi in Cell 39 of the Dominican Convent of San Marco, Florence



 The Magi dropped in on 6 January - Epiphany







Capricorn - Parisian Abbey Church of Ste-Geneviève (now gone) - Cluny Museum (Paris)


December 2008  - January 2009





The three faces of the New Year (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) alongside Aquarius (Chartres Cathedral)


New Year 2009





The shepherds are given the news of Christmas (Chartres Cathedral)


December 2008


Links to Medieval & Renaissance Nativity Scenes - a new page for Christmas





Sagittarius at Ste-Madeleine, Vézelay


November - December 2008



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