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Scholarship and Discovery in Medieval Spain



A page inspired by the Dom's fascinating circumnavigation of Spain in 2006.  There is something unusual and special in here because it gets over ten times as many visitors as the next entry.  Anybody know the secret?



The Great Mughal Emperors of India 1526 - 1707



A brief history of the Great Mughal Emperors of India, with portraits and photos of their architectural achievements. 



The Medici Family  (1) - The Glorious 1400s



The first of several pages with portraits of and stories about the Medici Family.  Other pages include the Medici Popes and the Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany.



Portraits of Famous Renaissance (and other) People



A large page with thumbnails linking to many of the portraits in Paradoxplace.



Tuscan Poppies



Some vibrant close up and field photos of Tuscan Poppies - try the Sunflower page as well !



Paradoxplace Photo Galleries Directory



The core directory leading to all of the thousands of photos of Italy, Spain & Portugal, France and Britain in Paradoxplace.



Paradoxplace Chronology Pages - The World of the Middle Ages Part Two - The Renaissance and Early Modern Europe (1350 - 1600)



A descendant of the first pre web Paradoxoplace page done in Excel in 2000 - a chatty chronology of the movers and shakers of the Italian Renaissance and Early Modern Europe.



Tuscan Photos, Food, Renaissance Art and History



Links to all the pages relating to Florence, Siena, Pisa, Other Tuscan Towns, and the Tuscany Countryside.



Last Supper Paintings in the Renaissance Refectories of Florence's Monasteries and Convents



This page links to photos of all the Renaissance Last Supper Frescos in Florence's monastery and convent refectories.  There is a sister page covering Last Supper paintings in Venice.



10:  Restaurants in Florence



A much visited selection of well located and mostly reasonably priced good restaurants in Florence



The Crusades (1100s and 1200s)



The extraordinary and in many ways unattractive 200 years which changed everything.


Paradoxplace Chronology Pages - The World of the Middle Ages Part One - The Middle Ages (476 - 1348)



The movers and shakers of the early and high middle ages - a completely different and in many ways more interesting world to that of the post Black Death Renaissance



San Gimignano (Paradoxplace Tuscan Photo Galleries)



San Gimignano - Magical Tuscan hill town with lots of towers and tourists (and the location for the film "Tea with Mussolini")



Travellers, Traders and Explorers 1000 - 1600



A powerful overview of the forces driving the Age of Exploration, the travellers and explorers involved including Marco Polo and Christopher Colombus, where they went and why.



The Old English Cathedrals



Links to photo and history pages for the Medieval Cathedrals and Abbeys of Northern England, Central England and Wales, and Southern England.



Photo pages about Sicily, Puglia & Southern Italy



Links to the popular photo and history pages covering Sicily, Amalfi and the little known but equally interesting Puglia (in fact this is one of the only web sites covering the great Medieval Cathedrals of Puglia)



Artist Self-Portraits in the Uffizi Collection



A companion to the page on The Vasari Corridor which displays the more famous self portraits in the collection of the Uffizi (Florence).



Paradoxplace Portrait Pages - Sandro Botticelli



Botticelli's self portrait with the Medici clan in "The Adoration of the Magi" and a link to an explanation of who the Magi are.



Byzantine Constantinople



Justinian's Constantinople, for centuries the greatest city in Europe.



20:   Spain



Links to pages on Andalucia, Portugal, Santiago and the churches and towns of the Camino, Navarre, Aragon & Catalonia, and including Spain's great Cistercian Abbeys.



Condottieri and the Great Equestrian Statues and Paintings of the Italian Renaissance



Photo page on the revival of Equestrian statues after a 1000 year gap, plus some Condottieri and a couple of Emperors on horseback.



Westminster Abbey




Chianti Restaurant Notes



A guide to many of the restaurants of Chianti, with some special recommendations, phone numbers and closing days



Paradoxplace Site map, links and intra-site Search Engine




Paradoxplace Home Page




Chronology, Photos and Maps of Early Medieval Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus)




Ravenna - Basilica di San Vitale & Galla Placidia Mausoleum



One of half a dozen pages on a favourite Italian town - Ravenna.  One of its companion pages has stunning photos of the famous mosaics of Justinian and Theodora



Donatello in Florence



Donatello - the numero uno of the early Renaissance artists


Leonardo da Vinci



Self portrait


30:   The Topkapi Palace, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and the Magic of Ottoman Constantinople (later Istanbul)



The World of Suleiman the Magnificent



Some of the top 30 pages from December 2006 which did not make the cut this time around



Chartres Cathedral



The most completely original medieval of the surviving great medieval cathedrals of Northern Europe.



Paintings by Artists of the Italian Renaissance



Some of the blockbuster exhibitions which Central Italy enjoyed in the early 2000s plus some famous Renaissance fresco cycles



The Abbey Church of Vézelay (Basilique Ste-Madeleine)



The most famous of the great pilgrimage churches of Burgundy, though the little visited and nearby Cathédrale St-Lazare in Autun is just as rewarding



Paradoxplace Portrait Pages - Filippo Brunelleschi



The man who designed the biggest masonry dome in the world and built it without internal scaffolding.



Paradoxplace Portrait Pages - the Borgias



A larger than life Spanish Pope, his evil son Cesare and beautiful daughter Lucrezia.



Artists, Writers and Architects of the Italian Renaissance



One of the better lists around (often found in course note links), plus links to related Paradoxplace pages.



Paradoxplace Insight Pages



Overview of the various Paradoxplace Insight Pages covering everything from WW II in Italy to the great Cistercian Abbeys of Europe.



La Cappella dei Magi, Palazzo Medici-Ricardo (Florence)



Companion the the Medici pages - Benozzo Gozzoli's famous fresco cycle



Ancient Rome



A page from the huge Paradoxplace  Rome photo library, most of which is still waiting to get in to Paradoxplace.



The Mongol Conquerors



Ghengis Khan, who built the largest empire the world has ever known,  and his successors.



Masolino, Masaccio and Filippino Lippi in the Brancacci Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence



The first great Florentine Renaissance fresco cycle.



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