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31 July

Books about UK churches

Art books Canterbury, Norwich, Hereford, Rievaulx

31 July

Canterbury Cathedral

New art book and photographs - including a zodiac cycle

31 July

Chichester Cathedral

Two interesting medieval tombs

31 July

Paradoxplace Cloister Pages


31 July

Norwich Cathedral Cloisters

New photos of Norwich Cathedral cloister and its roof bosses

31 July

Norwich Cathedral

New photos of cloister and Adam and Eve Roof Boss

30 July

Magna Carta

New page which will include recent photos from Runnymede

29 July

Guides to Cathedrals, Abbeys, Priories and Churches in the UK

New book

28 July

Last Suppers

New links and photo

28 July

Ciao Adriano . com

Website for Euro Travels in 2007 - Britain France & Italy in Summer and Autumn

17 July

Kings of England - Houses of Lancaster and York

New book "The Fears of Henry IV" by Ian Mortimer, which includes a Dom P photo of Henry IV's tomb effigy in Canterbury Cathedral and plenty of other good stuff!

14 July

Gloucester Cathedral

Lots of photos and commentary added

12 July

New page on the Magi in Art and Sculpture

New page (previously part of the page on the Capella dei Magi in Florence)

12 July

Books about Istanbul, Suleiman, Byzantium and the Ottomans

New book links

12 July

Justinian's Constantinople

New book by Guy Halsall, with cover photo by Adrian Fletcher + other new book links

9 July

Canterbury Cathedral

A great new photo (9 July) capturing a short burst of English July sunlight on Canterbury Cathedral, taken from the Kent University Campus on an otherwise rainy day.

7 July

Norman / Plantagenet Kings of England

More links

7 July

The Normans and the Hohenstaufens in Southern Italy and Sicily

More photos

6 July

Gloucester Cathedral

Revised Information about the life of Robert, eldest son of William the Conqueror.

2 July

Home Page Archive Update


2 July

Simply the Best (food) - Truffles in Alba


1 July

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