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2004 and Perugia Celebrates Perugino

(Pietro Vannucci detto Perugino, c1450 - 1523)


Link to Perugino's Last Supper at the Foglino Convent in Florence


2004, and Perugino (teacher of Raphael), is showcased in the Palazzo dei Priori Galleries in Perugia




Another 600 page 3 Kg superb quality catalogue +++ ... no-one can beat the Italians in this area - trust me!  The painting is Perugino's Madonna della Consolazione, painted around 1497 and the second most beautiful lady in the show.



Simply the most beautiful!  Santa Maria Madalena (Mary Magdalene) - painted around 1500 and usually (but not always) on show in the Galleria Palatina in Florence's Palazzo Pitti.


The tickets are also always worth keeping,  This one features Perugino's portrait of Francesco delle Opere (see below also)


Perugino self portrait.  The more famous self portrait of Perugino is from a crowd scene in the Sistine Chapel.

"Portrait of a boy" by Andrea d'Assisi (detto Ingegno)

Another young man - this time by Perugino

Francesco delle Opere (again) Sant'Agostino


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