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Artists of the Italian Renaissance




Donatello de' Bardi 1396 - 1466 (70)

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"Donatello was one of the greatest artists who ever lived, and in some ways the central figure of the Renaissance.  Before him, artists were aware of definite limits to what could or ought to be done in art.  Donatello was so consistently and shockingly original that, after him, all the limits seemed to have disappeared, so that an artist was constrained only by his powers."  (Paul Johnson, "The Renaissance")





to Donatello's Equestrian Statue of Condottiere Gattamelata in Padova





to Donatello's Giovanni Battista in I Frari, Venice



Do not be deceived by the writing - this is almost certainly Donatello

(see the other four "Fathers of Perspective")




A chirpy Cherub, visiting from Paris to help celebrate

Masaccio's 600th Birthday Party Exhibition

in San Giovanni Val d'Arno in 2002


David, Bargello (Florence) (originally in the courtyard of the Medici Palace, of course!)


San Ludovico (St Louis), Museo dell'Opera di Santa Croce (Florence)

(originally outside Orsanmichele)


San Giorgio (St George), Bargello (Florence)

(originally outside Orsanmichele)

Atys, Bargello

Niccolo da Uzzano, Bargello


The Anti-Pope John XXIII (Baldassare Cossa)

Florence Baptistery


Maddalena (1453-55), also from the Baptistery, but now in

the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo (Florence)

Crucifixion (detail with woodworm holes) in Franciscan Santa Croce

Also in Santa Croce (Florence) - a Donatello Annunciation in the Tabernacle Cavalcanti, c 1434, which used to be part of the Cavalcanti Chapel until this disappeared during remodelling in 1566.


In Siena



San Giovanni Battista in the Siena Duomo


In Padova and Venice


Equestrian statue of Venetian Condottiere Erasmo da Narni, called Gattamelata ("the honeyed cat") (c.1370-1443), which is to be found outside the St Anthony's Basilica in Padova.  Donatello took ten years to complete this magnificent work,  which is not surprising when you realize that it was probably the first major equestrian statue to be made in Europe since before the end of the Roman Empire one thousand years earlier.


LINK to Insight Page on the Great Equestrian Statues and Paintings of the Renaissance


LINK to Padova 2004 photos of Gattamelata


LINK to Donatello in I Frari in Venice


(the only Donatello in Venice)


In Paris - the Louvre



Polychrome a very modern looking (terracotta) Madonna and Child



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