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Above - the sun sets to the south of Panzano - those are wild flowers in the foreground - the autumn has been so mild that even in mid November flowers are blooming and the bees have resumed doing their thing.


Below - olives waiting to be picked west of Panzano ..... through the olive fields one can hear the chatter of November olive pickers,  though they say that in earlier times when the work was being done by family groups rather than paid labour, there was much more evidence of the delightful sing-song Italian voices that one still hears sometimes in car-free pedestrian streets (and in olive pickin down south).


Autumn Vines around Panzano
North east of Radda
The driveway to a Central Tuscan house through a chestnut tree wood
Sunday afternoon ruin hunting in the hills of Tuscany

Back in mid-November to the vineyards east of Poggibonsi  - the vines in the foreground above have already been stripped of the year's foliage


A November molto telephoto glimpse on a spectacularly clear morning of San Gimignano and the hills behind the Val d'Elsa (below) from Castellina appartamento base



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