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Corpus Domini Infioratas at the Cistercian    Abbazia di Casamari    Abbazia di Chiaravalle della Colomba


Corpus Domini Dates 2009 - 2012





The Spello Infiorata - street tapestries made from flower petals - an annual event held on the Sunday after Corpus Domini.  It is not actually clear what the tapestry "petal" materials are as they are all cut to a small uniform particle size and delivered in boxes about the size of a pack of beer cans.  The colours seem to extend to a much broader colour spectrum than one would find in flowers even in Italy!  Notwithstanding this, the tapestries are bright, modern and dramatic!


















The challenge is that half of Umbria descends on the narrow streets of Spello to have a sneaky beak.  The car parks are full by 9, and the streets themselves have severely reduced people carrying capacity being as how they are full of large tapestries !! 


But once you have dumped la macchina and walked into town,  the artistic skills displayed are most impressive, and as with all Italian town festivals the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is having fun.


It is very different to Corpus Domini at the two Italian Cistercian abbeys below, where crowding was the last thing on one's mind, and the pervasive smell was that of rose petals and broom (honey) as opposed to a rather "on the nose" chemical odour at Spello.  Interesting also that the abbeys crafted whole petals and pieces of greenery, thus generating three dimensionality and more varied textural effects.


If you have the stamina to get into the collegiate church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Capella Baglioni has some memorable frescos (c1500) by Pinturicchio including an Annunciation and a nativity with shepherds.



Infiorata being prepared for Corpus Domini 2004 - Cistercian Abbazia di Casamari (Lazio)




Infiorata for Corpus Domini 2005 - Cistercian Abbazia di Chiaravalle della Colomba (near Fidenza in Emilia-Romagna)



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