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Fra (Beato) Angelico (1395 - 1455)




More Paradoxplace artists of the Italian Renaissance


Above (also bottom of page):  Angelico portraited posthumously (1499) by Lucca Signorelli (c1450 - 1523 (73)) in the latter's fresco cycle in the San Brizio Chapel in Orvieto Cathedral, where Angelico had earlier been responsible for (some of) the ceiling.


Right:  Angelico also appears posthumously at the edge of the crowd in Raphael's Dispute on the Blessed Sacrament (c1509) in the Stanza della Segnatura of the Vatican Palace.




Annunciation (1431)


Originally from the Convent of Montecarlo, now in an unknown little museum at the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie,  San Giovanni val d'Arno.  Restored brilliantly in 1984, and only then definitely attributed to Angelico (maybe why it escaped the dragnet which brought his other works to San Marco in Florence).  In our view this painting and the fresco in Cell 3 of San Marco (below) are the most luminously beautiful of the works of the "Master of Luminously Beautiful Annunciations".  Well worth the trip to San Giovanni val d'Arno, which has also got an attractive main Piazza around its interesting old Palazzo Pubblico, and just down the road you can visit the house where Masaccio was born (now a museum).






A visit to Michelozzo's (ex) Dominican Convent of San Marco (Florence), which has become the "Fra Angelico Museum" is obligatory!!  In particular don't miss the frescos in the cells of the Friars upstairs - this annunciation is in Cell 3.   Note also that it is open on (some) Monday mornings when everything else in Florence is closed!


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