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Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo


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Anversa degli Abruzzi

Anversa degli Abruzzi - Norman garrison town of the 1000s guarding the northern entrance to the wild Gole del Sagittario (gorges) leading to Scanno.



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History of the Normans in Southern Italy and Sicily

1000 - 1266



Map of Italy


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Map of Abruzzi


The Abruzzi National Park (MAP) and the area around it lie well to the East of Rome, and embrace the highest mountains in central Italy.  We reached it from Pescara on the east coast, where the old road to Naples turns south through Sulmona and then climbs steeply past Pettorno sul Gizio (above right) onto a huge mountain plateau called the Piano delle Cinquemiglia (right).   Five Roman miles of murderous winter hell, as the coaches travelling from the East to Naples and back battled their way through harsh weather and highwaymen.

Piano delle Cinquemiglia


Today (2004) it's possible to break the journey for a porchetta from Roberto's popular van, washed down with icy cold mountain water.  No sales for ready bottled mineral water in this part of the world (or indeed many parts of Italy).

The southern entry to Italy's oldest National Park goes along the banks of the (man-made) lake at Barea
Scanno, Abruzzi Scanno, Abruzzi

Above:  Scanno - the old town and lake.  If you want "real Abruzzi" it is possible to stay comfortably in this dark looking old mountain town, eat well and get cooking lessons!


Left:  Another Norman Keep guarding the top of Cesoli - a town on the other side of the 'hill' from Anversa degli Abruzzi.


Below:  Nearby Cocullo, sadly now sitting under powerlines and beside an Autostrada exit.


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