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Monreale Cloisters


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The Normans and the Hohenstaufen Kings of Sicily and Southern Italy 1000 - 1266


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The cloisters of the Monreale Duomo rank alongside those of Santo Domingo de Silos and Moissac amongst the best of European cloisters.




When we visited Monreale in November 2003, we were yet to discover Zodiac Signs as used in Romanesque church art - but the little Nikon was clever enough to pick up the Pisces fish and the Gemini twins on this column set near the fountain - in fact three of each ... now to get back and find the rest!


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Norman King of Sicily  William II (1153 - 1189) presents his new cathedral to the Virgin and Son (capital)


From L: Eve, Apple, Serpent, Adam (capital)


More Adam and Eves



The two photos above come from an outstanding coffee table book called "Cloisters of  Europe" which is presently out of print, but can be obtained on the second hand  book market.


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Cloister capital - source not recorded



The view back towards Palermo from the outside of the south side of the cloisters


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