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Lecce - Baroque Mastercity

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Lecce, the baroquest place in Italy, is one of the last major towns as you descend "the heel of Italy".  The Patron Saint of Lecce, Sant'Oronzo, stands atop a Roman column that used to be one of a pair marking the arrival of the Appian Way from Rome in Brindisi.  The Appian Way itself continued on south from Brindisi in parallel to the coast to Lecce and Otranto.

Lecce Parking - the Vigili are easy on the eye and there to help (in fluent English, or French, or even Italian) - following the location of a "special parking place" (in front of a no parking sign), came the gift of a town map and explanation of how best to see the numerous facades, like those having a chat on the right.  Finally there were two restaurant recommendations for lunch.  Sydney and London meter maids please note.

Santa Croce, Lecce's premier over the top facade in a town of over the top facades, and the Palazzo dei Celestini next door 

The north side facaded Doumo presides over a hot piazza, and its 1660s 72m tower makes undistorted photography a bit of a challenge.  The Bishop's palace is just to the right of the Duomo, whilst the seminary palace (below right) flanks the west side of the piazza.  Doctors of the church watch over the entrance to the piazza (below left).


The Basilica di San Giovanni Battista aka Chiesa del Rosario


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