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Il Duomo (Vecchio) di San Corrado



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Molfetta - the trawler "Padre Pio" anchored in front of

the Duomo Vecchio (di San Corrado, who died near here in 1154) - built second half of the 1100s.



Molfetta, between Trani and Bari, possesses  a different style of old cathedral with a basilica style apsidal structure flanked by the twin campanili, and two octagonal and one square based pyramid roofs covering a three domed nave.  The latter roof structure derives partly from Byzantine domes and partly from Benedictine Abbey architecture, and can also be seen in half of Barletta Cattedrale, the Franciscan Church in Trani and in other places in Puglia.  The pyramid roofing is made from chiancarelle - a local stone.


The medieval area which backs onto the Duomo Vecchio is mostly tumbledown and empty of people.  The crumbling buildings are ever so slowly being restored, though in 2006 there did not seem to be that much visible progress since 2003! 


The Duomo Vecchio (it was supplanted in 1785 by a Duomo Nuovo or Cattedrale, the larger unattractive overfacaded ex-Jesuit church up the hill) was built to house the remains of San Corrado (Conrad in German and English) - which also got moved up the hill in 1785.   Conrad, the pilgrim son of Henry III of Bavaria and Wilfid of Saxony, had stopped off here after a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and got into performing miracles before dying. 


In the 1300s, chapels dedicated to San Giuliano (Julian), Santa Catterina d'Alessandria, San Michele l'Arcangelo and Saint Mary of the Snow (Santa Maria della Neve) were amongst those added during an upsize.  We have yet to get inside, but with a chapel cast like this we still want to - and there are also some attractive capitals they say.



Sea Urchins (Riccio di Mare) and their cheerful sellers from a Sunday market stall.

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