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Winter Dawn at Trani's Medieval Porto

November 2003


Detailed Road Map of Puglia






Crusader assembly port - major medieval port with a significat\nt Jewish community


Trani Cathedral (2003)

Trani Cathedral (2006)

Bronze Doors of Trani Cattedrale (c1180)

Templar Church of Ognissanti

Medieval Porto - Winter Dawn (2003) (this page)

Medieval Porto (2006)

Trani Restaurants & Hotel

Frederick II's Castello at Trani











Ognissanti (left) - the chapel of the Knights Templar hospital in Trani, located on the waterfront in what was once the corner of the courtyard of their hospital.  It is also at the edge of the medieval Jewish ghetto.  The Cattedrale is in the background right of centre.   Trani's Ordinamenta Maris of 1063 is claimed by them to be the world's oldest maritime code, but this is disputed by Amalfi !



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