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Troia - Cattedrale dell'Assunta
Lower Facade and Main Door Upper Facade and Rosone
Apse and side doors of the Cattedrale Inside the Cattedrale








Outside the apse of the Cattedrale is in a very cramped space, and the structure probably incorporates what remains of the pre-existing church of Saint Mary, built here in the 1080s using a miscellany of  capitals, columns etc collected from round about.  In 1073 Robert Guiscard had relieved Bari of quite a bit of masonry as part of a war trophy collection, and  it is possible that some of it ended up here. 


Below left, a later (1220s) lion straddles a Saracen, whose frightened face pokes out from behind the capital.  This may have been a bit more than the run of the mill anti-Saracen stuff one finds all over the place - nearby Lucera had been filled with Saracens / Moors from Sicily by Frederick II.    






The north east side has its own bronze entrance door (made recently), surmounted by an Islamic style horseshoe shaped lunette made from marble, and several faces and other reliefs.






On the other (south west) side of the cattedrale is a second bronze door by Oderiso di Benevento - this one commissioned and personally paid for by Bishop Guglielmo II in 1127.   There are 24 narrative panels in all, the subject being the loyalty of Troia to Pope Onorius II and the resistance of the town to attempts by Roger II (Ruggero II) of Sicily to cement his rule over Southern Italy.  The almost magic whispy free flowing figures emanate a much more passionate (and "modern") feeling than those on the main facade door done 8 years' earlier.


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