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The Wagon Wheel Rose Windows (Rosoni) of Puglia's Cathedrals

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Troia - Cattedrale dell'Assunta
Lower Facade and Main Door Upper Facade and Rosone (this page)
Apse and side doors of the Cattedrale Inside the Cattedrale












At the base of the columns, a couple more lambs (?) become fast food



By comparison with the more formal lower facade, the upper facade is bubbling with energy and activity. 


In the centre is the Rosone with its unusual and magnificent Islamic style marble screens (22 of them, called transennae) which have been dated to the period 1160 - 80. 











The "dress circle" around the rosone is alive with three dimensional life, eaters and eatees.  Undoubtedly it once had "meaning" but this has been lost over time, and probably a few cast shuffles on the way.





On the lower left, another lamb lunch, whilst a goateed gryphon prowls in the background.







Guarding the crown jewels and trying out the new exercise program.





A bird lunch, mer-couple and indeterminate meal, and in the background lurking piggies





The guy sitting in a loo position on the right is a common figure in the Romanesque archivolt cast - possible mid-summer, or just constipated and unhappy.







Fascinating medieval speculative possibilities here.




There is another Lukian bull on the other side of the facade, and a third one with prosthetic limbs just round the corner.







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