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Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo 2188m

La Rosière and the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass

October 2007


The Alps Alpine Passes* (with links)
Monte Bianco 4807m Colle d. Gran San Bernardo 2473m
Monte Cervino (The Matterhorn) 4478m Colle d. Piccolo San Bernardo (this page) 2188m
Val d'Aosta   Col de Montgenevre 1854m

Link to Wikipedia page on alpine passes

*and still on our list - the Simplon and San Gotthard passes





La Rosière (1850m) at the end of a long tortuous road.  But it was, to coin a phrase from schooldays, a really smashing day, there was little traffic and we just ambled up the middle of the unbarriered road.



Link to Wikipedia page on alpine passes











La Rosière (1850m) is at the top of the tree line, then it's on to the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass itself (2188m)






The first sight of the Pilgrim Hospice and the statue of Saint Bernard of Menthon




Looking back towards France from the Pilgrim Hospice (closed) and the statue of Saint Bernard of Menthon




A high voltage transmission line competes with the little chapel and nature even here




Looking towards Italy and the long closed border control point and the seasonally closed restaurant




The Gran San Bernardo Pass, which crosses the Alps from Italy to Switzerland just to the other side of Monte Bianco (4807m), is 2473m high and more dramatically picturesque.





Then it's down to Italy along a much better engineered and barriered road (the safety barrier, in the Italian way, displaying a lot of ugly dents and in one place an apparent drive-thru).






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