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Mantova and the Gonzaga Collection recollocted


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It is still (2007) possible to find copies of the full exhibition catalogue in the better art bookshops like the Uffizi.

The blockbuster "exhibition of 2002" in Mantova included over 90 paintings and 200 artefacts from the original collections assembled by the Gonzagas - Dukes of Mantova.  The collections were sold off when the Dukes fell on hard times - many pieces ending up in the hands of Charles I of England, the first English Royal to be a serious art collector.  Sadly Charles met a bad end in 1649, but many of the paintings are still around.


The poster / publicity flier above illustrates again the supreme talent of Italian (poster) designers.


Rubens not only provided paintings (including the two above right  of Vincenzo II and Isabella d'Este) but also helped design the galleries in the Palazzo.


To the right is a copy of a portrait of Suleiman I  (1494 - 1566) the Ottoman Empire's "Il Magnifico"


He was a contemporary of a group of larger than life European Kings (LINK TO INSIGHT PAGE) - Henry VIII of England (1491 - 1547), Francis I of France (1494 - 1547) and Charles V (1500 - 1558) - Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, Naples and Sicily, ruler (in name at any rate) of the Netherlands and Flanders and much of Central and South America - on whose empire "the sun never set".


The original portrait (now lost) was by another contemporary - Tiziano (1485 - 1576).  Tiziano, always good with flesh, has weaved the same magic on the material of the Sultan's huge turban.  However, the two never met!


There were also a couple of other striking Tiziano portraits in the exhibition.  The bulk of the paintings were from the post Renaissance Baroque period - outside Paradoxplace's current scope!

2010 - Suleiman reappears in his home town - Istanbul - the exhibition "Legendary Istanbul" is now sadly over, and the attractive looking book has run out (October 2010) !


The Topkapi Palace, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and the Magic of Ottoman Constantinople (later Istanbul)


Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent - more portraits


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