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Much larger than its Tuscan cousins at San Miniato and San Giovanni d'Asso, the Sunday Tartufo Festivals in Alba in October take over the whole centre of town including four or five piazzas.  From eightish the busses and cars pile into town to deliver Italian families into this food Mecca of Northern Italy.  Every conceivable natural and processed Italian foodstuff except raw meat  is for sale, and the air is full of laughter and the chatter of families enjoying themselves (and the aroma of Alba's white truffles - the best in the world).  Come and join the fun ......




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Photos from Alba in 2007



Alba's Indoor Truffle Market



Alba's outdoor Sunday street food festival (2006) .....


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Other foodie pages from Piedmont in October 2006



The Dom returns to Alba in November 2006 to buy a Tartufo Bianco for England





First up we stock up with a few roast chestnuts - the large succulent ones are marroni, the smaller ones castagne




Just round the corner is our first tartufo seller and a well dressed spruiker selling truffle slicers.  Unlike the regulated indoor truffle market, or the boutique tartufo shops, this is strictly caveat emptor stuff - you have no idea of the provenance, age or quality of what you are getting apart from what you can work out for yourself.   The tartufo sellers can be sniffed down because of the seductive tartufo aroma wafting around their stalls, especially those where the tubers are not covered.


Porcini Mushrooms - Fresh and Dried
Time for a (farinata) snack
Alba - The Main Drag (via Vittorio Emmanuele)


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Alba in November


Alba Tartufo Festival 2007


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