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Ravenna Revisited







Hotel Centrale Byron


The Hotel Centrale Byron (***)  Via IV Novembre, 14,  is located in the flat vehicle free food rich centre of Ravenna (map).  An ideal base for easy walks to all the sights in town, and for shopping, coffees, restaurants, or just joining in the passeggiata.  All that a good three starrer should be including good sized rooms (and a meeting room if you need that!), very helpful English speaking reception staff and competitive pricing. There is a large metered car park (free on Sundays) five minutes walk away and the hotel has its own car park as well.



Basilica di San Vitale (consecrated 548)


The Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora face each other across the apse of San Vitale wearing Imperial Brown (Imperial Brown? Who were their lapis suppliers? Does a purple mosaic tile fade to brown ? - must pose an interesting philosophical challenge to restorers).  The dye used to create purple garments was made from Murex sea snails - thousands of them being required for not much dye - which is why it was so expensive that only very rich emperors used it.  Still doesn't explain what was used in mosaic tiles!   The little people at the bottom of Theodora's cloak are the three Magi.


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Rumour has it that the bearded man on Justinian's right is his general Belisarius (500 - 565 (65)).






Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo (built in the late four hundreds)


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Link to the Medici Chapel of the Magi in Florence, an explanation of who the Magi were and symbolized, and links to other Magi appearances in Paradoxplace

Link to early Christian mosaic Magi in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome (c430)


The Magi in Art and Sculpture


A Virgin and the three Magi ...... Balthasar
Melchior  and Caspar


"Let me out" - an imperfect retouch of a mosaic representing Theoderic's Palace



Justinian again (this time in Ravenna's San Apolliniare Nuovo) - though now there is a serious school of thought that says it is actually Theoderic.  Which is one reason why the top part of the photo was taken off when it was used by Cambridge University Press for the cover of this book by Guy Halsall
















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