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Hotel Centrale Byron


The Hotel Centrale Byron (***)  Via IV Novembre, 14,  is located in the flat vehicle free food rich centre of Ravenna (map).  An ideal base for sight seeing, shopping, coffees, restaurants, or just joining in the passeggiata.  All that a good three starrer should be including good sized rooms (and a meeting room if you need that!), very helpful English speaking reception staff and competitive pricing. There is a large metered car park (free on Sundays) five minutes walk away.





Getting through the sprawling suburbs to the right place in the centre of Ravenna often leaves people exhausted and irritable, and not in the right frame of mind to move straight into the atmospherics and tastes of this most relaxed of places!  Here's some ideas to help avoid this problem ......


Firstly, from the motorway follow the signs for Ravenna Centro or similar for a long way.  As you get closer in, signs appear for different major attraction locations.  Follow those for Tomba / Mausoleum Theoderic.  This will get you onto the Circonvallazione San Gaetanino (top centre of map).  A bit further on you will see on your right the old city gate, the Porta Serrata.  Turn right and head down to and along the Via di Roma (Italian trick, its not called this until you get past the gate!) and hang another right into the Via Paolo Costa.  This will take you to the central (hotel) area. 


One of the reasons for doing it this way is that if perchance you overshoot the Via di Roma you will almost immediately cross the railway bridge and see Theoderic's large white tomb (mausoleum) in a big cleared park on your left.  Then all that is needed is a U-Turn and a leftie into the Via di Rome etc, and .... you're there


Finally, stay for longer than the two nights that most people allocate to enable them to rush round the main sights.  Ravenna is a place to stroll and enjoy !



3   Top left, the Basilica di San Vitale complex

4   Battistero degli Ariani and the Spirito Santo church

8   Battistero Neoniano, Museo Arcivescovile, Duomo

11 Dantes Tomb and the Franciscan church and cloisters

13 Basilica di San Apolliniare Nuovo

17 Basilica di San Giovanni Evangelista

20 Hotel Centrale Byron - About as Central as you can get !

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