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The Mausoleum of Theodoric (454 - 526)

Ostrogoth King of Italy


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link to mosaic of Theoderic in San Apollinare Nuovo




The roof of the mausoleum is made out of a single piece of Istrian stone 36ft (11M) in diameter

The Tomb of Dante

(who died in Ravenna in 1321 in exile from his native Florence)

just outside the cloisters of the Franciscan convent


A poignant memory of WWII - Citizens of Ravenna killed in the fight for liberty, 8 September 1943 - 25 April 1945.  The memorial tablet records the names of 89 partisans killed in combat, and many many more local Italians killed by the Germans in acts of reprisal.


And nearby a statue of you know who


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