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Musée St-Remi, Reims

September 2007







Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral



Reims Cathedral - West End



Reims Cathedral - North Portal and Rose



Palais du Tau



Basilique & Abbey of St-Remi



St-Remi Museum, Reims (this page)



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Musee St-Remi, Reims



Cloisters, Musee St-Remi, Reims



North Cloister, Musee St Remi, Reims



The Musée St-Remi, Reims, is housed in the large and palatial monastery building complex of the Abbey of St-Remi, which abuts the north side of the abbey. 


Reims, situated in flat border country like York in England and Leon in Spain, was like them an important Roman military garrison city.   So the area has been a rich source of Roman artefacts as well as materials from the middle ages, and a most interesting cross section of these is on display in one of the best regional museums in a country where regional museums generally are very good value.


On the left is the north side of the "neat" but not overwhelming cloister (more atmospheric than Cluny, less than Fontenay).


However, no qualified descriptions are necessary for the chapter house (below) -  it is outstandingly beautiful, both inherently and in the way it has been lovingly and expensively restored.



Chapter House, Sr-Remi, Reims






Learning, Strength, Love - St-Remi Museum, Reims



A philosophical secular tympanum from the mid 1100s, juxtapositioning learning (top), strength, and love.  It is very rare to find secularly themed Romanesque sculptures - especially in this sort of condition.



February Foot Warming, 1100s, St-Remi Museum, Reims



Two medieval zodiac and labours of the month bas reliefs / sculptures.  These would have been part of sets covering the whole year of zodiac signs and monthly activities, which were very common in Romanesque churches.  Warming feet by the fire in February (capital, 1100s), and Sagittarius (roundel, 1400s).



Sagittarius, 1400s, Musee St-Remi, Reima



Medieval sculptured column, St-Remi Museum, Reims



Medieval sculptured column, St-Remi Museum, Reims



Medieval sculptured capital, St-Remi Museum, Reims





"Le Combat de l'Ours" - a secular tympanum from the 1200s, though with a knife that big the "our" (bear) did not stand much of a chance!






"Happiness" - smiling is another thing in short supply in all art!



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