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Basilique St-Andoche, Saulieu







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The central Burgundy road north from Autun to Avallon takes one through the hills, woods and sloping pastures of the Morvan National Park.  This is Charolais country, and for meaties the town of Saulieu in the middle has a Charolais Festival on the third weekend in August each year.


Saulieu also has a famous *** Michelin restaurant / hotel - it's worth having a look at their website, then decide whether you want to save up for a few years:


 Le Relais Bernard Loiseau



One would not travel far for this trumeauless, lintelless, archivoltless, statueless  portal, but what is inside is a different story .....




Bernard Loiseau, who built up the restaurant from nothing,


"became a television celebrity, the first chef to launch his business on the Paris bourse, the second chef ever to be awarded France’s Legion of Honour, then -- at the height of his fame in February 2003 -- he took his own life, apparently over rumours that his flagship restaurant might lose its third Michelin star (which it didn’t). Rudolph Chelminski’s fascinating 2005 biography The Perfectionist charts the extraordinary life of Bernard Loiseau and explores the arcane world of French haute cuisine. But to experience the Loiseau legacy first hand, you must pay a visit to Le Relais Bernard Loiseau itself."  ( - Gastrotourist)



Adriano for once was not here for the meat, but for the old (circa 1130) Abbey Church, now the Basilica of Saint Andoche, which has been beautifully restored over the past six years and has a small feast of medieval Burgundian narrative and decorative capitals ... this time with good modern lighting available. 


On this page are some of the capitals with biblical themes


The next page picks up on some of the animal life


There are also some lovely narrative wood reliefs in the choir which, along with the museum next door, we missed .... next time!



The flight to Egypt

Balaam stopped by a sword wielding angel (hiding on right)

Judas Hangs

Fallen Archangel Lucifer (aka Satan) on Tempting Duty

"Noli me Tangere" - after the Resurrection



On to Saulieu's Animal Capitals


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