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Link to the map of all 64 lower windows in Chartres Cathedral, and a table showing the stories illustrated in each window, and the 24 windows with images of tradesmen donors


Medieval Tradesmen at Work

Donors of the Narrative Stained Glass Windows in Chartres Cathedral


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The numbers used refer back to the


Map of window locations and subject listings in the pocket guide (left)




North Side


Apostles (34)


Life of St-James the Greater (37)

Furriers and Drapers

Life of Charlemagne (38)


Saints Theodore & Vincent (39)


St Stephen (41)


St Cheron (42)

Masons, Stonecutters (with templates) & Sculptors

St Savinian et al (43)

Masons in second panel, Weavers higher up

St Julian (45)

Carpenters, Joiners, Cartwrights & Coopers

Symbolic Window (59) (top down)


Miracles of St Nicholas (60)

Haberdashers & Apothecaries

Story of Joseph (61)


Story of Eustace (62)

Furriers and Drapers

Story of Noah (64)





South Side


St Sylvester (30)


Life of Saint Thomas Becket (25)


St Martin (24)


Zodiac Window (17)

Vintners and others

Story of the Virgin (16)


Sts Anthony & Paul (13)


Miracles of the Virgin (9)


Death & Assumption of Mary (7)


Good Samaritan (6)


Life of Mary Magdalene (5)

Water Carriers

St John the Divine (4)




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At last a book of brilliant close up photos of story panels from the medieval stained glass windows of Chartres.

Commentary in French but 95% of the space is pictures! (c23x23cm)



The St-James Window (37)





Above and Below - the Furriers' Guild and Drapers' Guild, Donors of the St-James the Greater Window






The Charlemagne Window (38)



Bottom centre panel of the Charlemagne Window - also donated by the Furriers



The Zodiac Window (17)





The Zodiac Window


Above - bottom left panel - the Vintners plus a bellringer and two other bystanders - also possibly the little fellas in the bottom left (shown) and bottom right (not shown) corners of the window.


Below - bottom right panel - Count Thibault VI of Champagne, on behalf of Thomas, Count of Perche, who was killed at the battle of Lincoln, 1217, and a couple of unidentified guys on the left (also shown above).






The St Cheron Window (42)



Masons, Stonecutters and Sculptors - this is one of the earliest illustrations of the use of templates, which became widely utilized in the construction of Cathedrals in the Paris Basin.


This photo comes from the fascinating book -



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The Becket Window (25)





The second to bottom window section of the Becket Window is about the window's donors - the Tanners' Guild.  The photo shows the centre and left panels of the section.  One would normally expect to find this at the bottom of the window, but it was not unknown for rebuilders and restorers to get stuff mixed up, as they did with the Eustace donor panels lower down.  Another example is the 1200s array of roundels illustrating Zodiac Signs, Labours of the Month, Sins, Virtues and Heraldic Beasts in Canterbury Cathedral, and in this case in Southern Puglia we don't believe that they were trying very hard in the first place !





The Water Carriers' Guild donated the Mary Magdalene Window (5)




The Bankers' Guild (bottom two half roundels) donated the Story of Joseph window (61).



The Good Samaritan Window (6)


Was donated by the Shoemakers' Guild






Here are the shoemakers applauding as their window is presented to Chartres Cathedral.




The donors of the Story of Eustace window (62) were the Drapers (bottom two roundels) and the Furriers (middle two roundels and probably the centre diamond).  The panels interrupt the flow of the Eustace story which resumes in the two larger roundels.



photo Holly Hayes, Sacred Destinations


The Story of Noah Window (64) was presented to Chartres Cathedral by the Wheelwrights' Guild


Chartres Cathedral (including a map of window locations) in Holly Hayes' "Sacred Destinations"



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