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North Rose Window Ensemble - Chartres Cathedral

September 2007


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The North Portal - early 1200s - sits under the magnificent North Rose window ensemble (1230s) pictured below











Full on telephoto power ....... King David sits atop a circle of 12 Kings of Judah, assorted minor prophets (outside circle) and angels (inside circle), all centred on the Virgin Mary and Child.  And that's just the Rose part of the North Rose - underneath it are 5 huge lancet windows.  The windows were given to the Cathedral in 1230 by Queen Blanche of Castile (grand-daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Queen Consort of French King Louis VIII "The Lion" and subduer of Cathars).












The spandrel windows show the emblems of Castile (Castle) and France (Fleur-de-Lis)



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