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The Story of the Cathédrale St-Julien, Le Mans


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The architectural story of the Cathédrale St-Julien revolves around a series of building campaigns spanning 400 years between the mid 1000s to the mid 1400s. 


The story reflects the experiences shared by many of the great cathedrals built during this cathedral and abbey building boom time in Europe - demolition of the pre-1000 cathedral, collapse of over ambitious vaulting in new buildings, the importance of having a popular shrine to attract pilgrims and their money, the crusades and hundred years' war, major fires, and the replacement of Romanesque with higher, lighter and more magnificent Gothic (usually starting at the esat end), which got permanently arrested in the late 1400s / early 1500s by the drying up of funds for cathedral development.


Le Mans had the added early frisson of being the Plantagenêt cathedral - where Geoffrey and Matilda were married and where their son, England's first Plantagenêt King Henry II, was baptised.


The cathedral has a particularly well produced set of story boards telling its story ........... 


















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