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Bessuéjouls (near Espalion)


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This sign near the church of St-Pierre captures the sense of pilgrimage in a way that the large fluoro EU funded signs and Camino sculptures in Spain and some parts of France completely miss.








The little pilgrimage church of St-Pierre, Bessuéjouls, is on the Via Podiensis near Espalion.  It sits just above a stream at the base of a wooded slope ... the church is a beautiful space, even allowing for the fact that the barrel-vaulted nave was "restored" in the 1800s ...



But what makes it very very special is discovered when you abandon the camera bag, back pack and feelings of claustrophobia and, clutching just the little Nikon Coolpix 5100, squeeze up the very steep and very narrow stone steps behind the camera position above, to the first floor of the tower, where, in the space behind the corbel survivors outside, there is a tiny pilgrims' chapel.












Looks like a bar bending strength test .... a church postcard says the angel is holding a phylactery (box) .... doesn't look like a phylactery to us .... could be a scroll ....




at the other end of the altar we're on safer ground - definitely Saint Michael out Dragoning




and just as familiarly on a capital .... Adam and what's 'er face again


More Adam and Eves




Centaurs and a Bicaudal Sirène (double tailed mermaid - sometimes also called a Melusine, though accurately Melusine was a specific character) .... nothing to do with the narrative story of Christianity, but a lot to do with raw sexuality .... which the church went (goes?) to great lengths to control ....


Link to more Mermaids



The capitals on the right are in the church of


SS Peter & Paul, Rock, Worcestershire


and the stylistic similarity is striking .... 









and there are more .......




     L'Église de Perse


a local history site


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