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Inside l'Église St-Hilarion-de-Perse (SE Espalion)


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The 10 / 1100s Église St-Hilarion-de-Perse now oversees a cemetery in SE Espalion (it is signposted from the main street).  It was once the church of a significant priory on a site where, according to legend, St-Hilarion was beheaded by Saracens in the time of Charlemagne.  The priory, which became a daughter house of Conques in 1060,  would have had close links with the pilgrims walking the le-Puy / Conques "road" along the nearby Lot (or Olt in the local dialect) river valley, and the church is a beautiful example of local Romanesque monastic sculpture, architecture and local stone.   The guidebooks only mention the combat capitals (below), but the inside generally is a beautiful (and partly painted) space, and there's a lot of good stuff outside as well.











Stoup (holy water basin) inside the old (now disused) south door.  The nearby church of St-Jean in Espalion, now a museum, has a famous collection of medieval stoups.















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