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Périgueux was a pilgrimage centre on the via Lemovicensis from Vézelay, but you won't find much evidence of that.   Périgueux is the duck liver centre of France, and you will find a lot of evidence of that !







The Cathedral of St-Front in the morning light.  Actually, that's as good as it gets because the exotic promise of the domed church is not followed up by anything attractive after you walk in (another black mark for 1800s "restorers"), and the Romanesque end (tower, cloisters etc) which was less monstered, was (2007) all closed off. 



So we wandered off through the Saturday morning food market next to the cathedral ......





Despite the promotion of Périgueux as a major foodie city, the widely featured Saturday produce market is really nothing special, except of course in this part of the world it's the dead duck who is king ... and interesting also that there were a couple of stalls selling oysters and shellfish.










Lunch at the restaurant La Ferme Saint Louis - Gambas Grilées à la Plancha




Quay area on the now unbarged River Isle, which eventually joins the Dordogne.  CBD happiness for  the large number of Campervans that are a feature of much of Europe, and a good reason to avoid non-motorway French roads altogether in July / August!



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