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The Tomb of  Abbess la Beata Urraca Lopez de Haro

(1170 – 1262 (92))





Some other memorable tombs in Spain and Portugal



On the left, three Abbots, three Bishops and other mourners adorn the tomb of  La Beata Urraca Lopez de Haro (1170 – 1262 (92))  (Abbess from 1225) in the Chapter House.  They are juxtapositioned on the right by some weepin an wailin monks, society women (with the hats) and more composed monks.



On the other side of the tomb the nuns queue to join in and also sit at the Abbess' toes above, though sadly her crozier is mostly missing.





From the right at the head end - Urraca as a child (right), Urraca as Abbess, Urraca receiving the keys of heaven from Saint Pater on her death



An abbot gives his condolences to the leading nun.  All the nuns in the procession have distinctive faces and body postures - you can see the one on the left wiping a tear from her eye.



At the back of the line, a nun gives an abbot a see you later "roughish smile" (as the guide explains).


Photo from Edilesa monograph no 49 (right) 



Footpiece - Urraca's soul about to be catapulted  to heaven ?



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