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Mudéjar Church of San Roman, Toledo


Chronology, Photos and Maps of Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus)  711 - c1232 - 1492


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Horseshoe arches in the church of San Roman, an outstandingly beautiful 1200s Mudéjar nave space which doubles as a museum of Visigothic stuff, and is right off the "race round Toledo in half a day" coach trip circuit from Madrid.  The horseshoe arch, now seen as synonymous with Islamic architecture, was actually an invention of the Visigoths in Spain some time before the Berbers and Arabs arrived in 711.


"We're on our way to heaven" - south wall fresco

The central west end - a pot pourri of stone and paint and styles of various ages - there would have originally been a door in the middle .. and the "arabic script" above the window is purely decorative.


Sadly the museum has a no-pic-policy even though it is not able to offer postcards or a guide to enable visitors to remember the visit .... which is why we sneaked a few innocent photos.



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