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Toledo Cathedral


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The West Front of Toledo Cathedral - seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain.  Other sorts of seats, in the choir, have interesting misericords including several showing male / female juxtapositions.  Then there are all the el Grecos etc that we were not allowed to photograph (actually the rule is that you cannot photograph anything anywhere, and the cathedral staff are occupied just about full time aggressively trying to enforce this - a sad and unexpected contrast with most other Spanish churches and even the Prado where they are more than happy with cameras).






The Nativity takes the central spot in the cathedral's magnificent sparkling clean rederos, but whoever thought of making the stone pointing a feature should be ashamed.




The multifigured and well lit choir including some fascinating misericords, illuminated as you will never find in most other places (like England).








A wool spinneress ponders a money proposition.




Pig fattening in November




A fable - but which one?




Cross-cultural lovers




Grave robber












 Pope Paul III (Alessandro Farnese) 1468 - 1534 - 1549 (81) - painted in 1543 by Titian - facing down the el Grecos in the Toledo Cathedral Sacristy


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El Greco (1541 - 1614 (73)) - self portrait as Saint Luke c1604 (one of the Portraits of the Apostles in the Sacristy).



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