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Church of St Nicholas, Barfreston (Kent)


The South Door Voussoirs



St Nicholas, Barfreston



St Nicholas - S Door - Tympanum



St Nicholas - S Door - Outer Voussoirs (this page)



St Nicholas - S Door - Inner Voussoirs






Link to Kent Archaeological Society Description




The little church of St Nicholas, Barfreston, lies in a tiny hamlet (with an attractive pub) just off the A2 road from Canterbury to Dover.  It was thus loosely on the pilgrims roads to Canterbury and Rome.  It dates from the latter 1100s and the walls are built from a mixture of locally sourced broken flint stone, and ashlar blocks of stone from Caen.  It has a fine display of original (mostly) corbels, a beautiful "wagon wheel" rose window, and arguably the most interesting 1100s tympanum and voussoirs sculptures in the UK. 








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Various "Labour of the Month" and other interpretations have been given to the outer voussoir images - they are to us more fun without interpretation but in need you can go to the  Kent Archaeological Society Description .  An interesting compositional theme is that in nearly all cases a foot or hand breaks the frame line.


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