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Bridlington - Priory Church of Saint Mary


East Yorkshire


Link to tapestry history of the Priory Church







The church has a brilliant display of 12 tapestry frames illustrating its history.  They're so good we have loaded the whole set onto on a separate page.  St Mary's is a large friendly place - you can see its one tower for miles around, and the restored wooden beamed nave is light and imposing.  Imagine what it must have been like when there was a transept and full east end as well !


Link to St Mary's Priory Church Website




The church ends where the transept would have been.  The two doors on the south side would have been at corners of the  cloisters.



Nave, looking east





At the west end of the nave, the plain tie beams give way to three hammer beam sets with large unpainted angels guarding each hammer.  The restorers of the late 1900s also created some wooden roof-boss lookalikes, including this green man.   The nave is so high that he is difficult to see with the naked eye, and indeed we would have missed this double-grunt telephoto lens opportunity (at 400mm) altogether if he had not been pointed out to us.






Internal West End corbel pigs




Internal West End smiling angel telamon






This piece of reconstructed cloister arcade is of minor interest because the capital on the left incorporates a Sheela-na-gig on the other side to the figure on the left! 




Map of East Yor5kshire - and here's how to contact Grange Farm cottages






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