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Carlisle Cathedral



The Old English Cathedrals



The east end of the cathedral was (August 2007) under scaffolding





The original Augustinian Priory Church constitutes the west end of what is now Carlisle Cathedral







The choir capitals each feature a small carving of  a monthly activity - October grape picking in this case.  Evidence that times were warmer "then"?


Links to all Paradoxplace pages about medieval illustrations of Labours of the Month, Zodiac Signs,

Cardinal Virtues and Sins in Western European churches.





Three faces and two snacks in January





Boot emptying and foot warming in February





Digging in March





Picking acorns in November (we think).





Killing a beast for Christmas - usually a pig in other places, but up here they are made of sterner stuff - note the man holding the bull by the ears and looking heavenwards.





Sadly, a large dark Victorian wooden choir screen covers the other six out of the twelve monthly activity capitals, and even the photographically inventive Dom could not think of a way round this, though we did manage a back view of September harvesting .......





We were so cross about the depressing wood everywhere that we forgot to check if there were misericords


A club wielding beard puller - photo from "The Misericord Site"


There are in fact around forty six misericords and you can see them here.





An Annunciation occupies central stage in the Carlisle Bishop's Crozier



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