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 The Bewcastle Cross (or more accurately Shaft) (600s)

Church of Saint Cuthbert, Bewcastle, Cumbria


Link to 1100s stone font in Saint Bridget's Church, Bridekirk



West side



West and South Sides



West Side Detail



Here was a link to a site put together by Chris Tolley which had photos of many pre-Norman crosses and other early Christian stonework in the British Isles sadly the link no longer works and we have not yet found what has happened to the site.


On the north side of Solway Firth (roughly opposite St Brigit's Church) is the equally visit-worthy Ruthwell Cross.


Back on the south side on the west edge of Lake District Country, the church of St Mary, Gosforth has a great cross with the cross bit intact and some Norse narrative panels still there - also a panel from another cross and some hogback tombs.


Over the Irish Channel one could happily use High Crosses as a route guide to discovering Ireland.  Near Grandfather Paradox's home in Co Tyrone is the Ardboe High Cross which is on the Western shore of Lough Neagh.







East side - classic pre Norman vine scrolls and grape eating birds and animals.



East side Detail



North Side



Next door to the ancient cross are a mob of now quite rare Belted Galloway Cattle - excellent marbled meat we are told.


Back in Sydney there's a Belted Galloway on the beer mats of our local - the Forest Lodge Hotel !





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